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草药口罩 Herbal Face Mask

中医主张“邪从口鼻入”。疫病横行期间, 除了戴口罩这种被动措施, 我们更应该注重加强主动防疫措施,药草包中的药物散发出的持续的草药芳香气味,刺激人体呼吸道黏膜产生了分泌型免疫抗体,大大减低疫菌在呼吸道存活的机会和侵入的风险,而起到预防传染病的作用。

Traditional medicine advocates that "diseases enters from the nose and mouth." During the epidemic, in addition to passive measures such as wearing masks, we should also focus on strengthening active anti-epidemic measures. The persistent scent of herbal herbs emitted by the medicine in the herb package stimulates the human respiratory tract mucous to produce secreted immune antibodies, which greatly reduces the number of bacterial diseases The chance of survival in the respiratory tract and the risk of invasion play a role in preventing infectious diseases.