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BLACK FACE GENERAL TEA (Teh Pecah Beling) 碎璃茶/黑面将军茶
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BLACK FACE GENERAL TEA (Teh Pecah Beling) 碎璃茶/黑面将军茶


  • 碎璃茶是本地著名草药-黑面将军、憂盾草及其他多种本地草本制成。学名Strobilanthes crispus的黑面将军草富含种矿物质和维他命,从而使草药拥有强大的抗氧化功能,传统上用于利尿、消炎或调理月经,舒缓经痛。
  • 草药可起到扶正固本、平衡阴阳的作用,有利于发挥人体内在的抗病潜力,还有抑制坏细胞生长、转移的作用。 此外草药也含清热、消肿、解毒 、增强机体免疫功能,改善疾病相关症状,提高患者抵抗力 。


Testimony- Mdm. Lau Li Mei: 

  • “Two years ago, in the medical examination my womb lived a very big sarcoma, doctor had decided that had a surgery the excision for me. Who knows, in surgeryformer doctor had discovered one side in the ovary has lived many small lumps. Doctor when having a surgery has excised only the sarcoma, but has not excised these small lumps. After having drunk `Pecah Beling Tea' soon, I discovered that menstruation not that painful, half year later when inspects again, these small sarcoma disappear completely.

  • 家庭主妇的刘女士,有经痛问题,弯腰时感觉腰部酥痛,经医院检查发现她的子宫有个肿瘤,医院安排她排期动手术切除肿瘤。手术当天医生再为她扫描时发现她的子宫内除了有个大肿瘤外,卵巢内还有些很多小瘤,但医生只为她切除那颗大瘤,然后吩咐她作治疗。出院后,经朋友介绍开始喝“碎璃茶”,喝了不久,回医院复诊扫描时,医生说她卵巢内的小瘤减少了,而且,经痛的情况也改善了很多。


Pecah Beling Tea (Black Face General)



  • Taste: sweet, a bit sour and cool
  • Parts Used in Tea : Leaves
  • Effective : Anti-oxidant, relieve inflammation, Regulates blood sugar.
  • Health benefits : Clear body heat, eliminate blood stasis, remove toxin.
  • Dosage: Immerse sachet into hot water for at least 20 minutes.1-3 sachets per day or when necessary.  or boil for 20 minutes  for the person whose constitution is of the “cool” nature.

  • 1 box (30 tea bags)

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