Kacip Fatimah Tea 卡琪花蒂玛茶
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Kacip Fatimah Tea 卡琪花蒂玛茶
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IKacip Fatimah Tea 卡琪花蒂玛茶 


  • It provides phytoestrogen (natural plant estrogen) which is extremely beneficial to a woman’s health if they lack estrogen, especially to estrogen-stimulated organs such as the breasts and vagina.

  • It increases libido and also aids in treating a wide range of female illnesses, particularly those relating to the reproductive system as well as overall well-being.

  • The herb is anti-dysmenorrhea, meaning that it can help cleanse and avoid painful and difficult menstruation.

  • It helps balance hormones and eliminate postnatal depression, such as loss of interest in sex by promoting vitality and strength to improve intimacy.

  • The herb is anti-flatulence, which is crucial in eliminating excess gas in the stomach.

  • The herb is known to boost the body’s immune system.

  • The herb improves blood circulation, therefore helping in relieving rheumatic pains in muscles and joints. Helps in overcoming constipation and restoring damaged hair as well as promoting the overall well-being.


  • 平衡体内荷尔蒙, 改善内分泌引起的微循环紊乱。

  • 收紧皮肤,改善面部肌肤,拉升及上提下垂皮肤让女性身体更加紧实,丰满胸部,达到S曲线。

  • 增加盘骨肌肉,恢复妇女体力及健康产后提高肌肉收缩。

  • 拥有恢复健康的独特消毒及收敛作用,是分娩后收缩子宫的最佳产品。

  • 减少骨质疏松发生。

  • 缓解发热潮红,盗汗,失眠症状。

  • 减低心血管事件风险。

  • 改善情绪,增加自我健康。

  • 增加机体能量,让机体更具活力。

  • 提升性欲,增加性反应。

  • 暖宫,缓解经痛。


The perfect serve:

1) Place one tea bag in a cup

2) Add 200ml of hot boiled water and leave it for 3 - 5 minutes,

3) Pour 1000ml water with the tea bag and then leave for 10 minutes boiling, this would give a better result.




2)添加200毫升热水后,浸泡3 - 5分钟,



Each box contains 15 sachets (内含15个茶包袋) The packaging will be changed to zip bag before delivery to prevent damaged (包装会改去袋子以免运输时被压坏)



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