Double Tea Tongkat Ali Ganoderma 双茶汇
Double Tea Tongkat Ali Ganoderma 双茶汇
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Tea Tongkat Ali  + Ganoderma Slice 
东革阿里茶 + 灵芝片
《帅到掉渣》-  强效补肾,保持旺盛精力

Tongkat Ali Tea 东革阿里茶

- 促进自身睪酮分泌,最高可提升4.4倍,
- 并促进人体二次发育。
- 保持旺盛精力,舒缓低落情绪及抑郁,减缓压力。
- 消耗脂肪,紧肤及美颜。
- 消除肾脏的湿虫,排除肾脏毒素,强效补肾,显著改善肾功能。
- 加强人体血液循环及新陈代谢,增强自身免疫功能。
- 对糖尿病,高血压,风湿病,有显著作用。

- grows in the jungles of Malaysia
- this root has been used by natives as a potent aphrodisiac, 
- health tonic and energy enhancer
- increase in testosterone levels
- increase in Libido
- increased Fertility
- mood & wellbeing enhancement
- muscle Gain an Fat Loss
- athletic Performance
2)添加200毫升热水后,浸泡3 - 5分钟,

The perfect serve:
1) Place one tea bag in a cup
2) Add 200ml of hot boiled water and leave it for 3 - 5 minutes,
3) Pour 1000ml water with the tea bag and then leave for 10 minutes boiling, this would give a better result.

Each box contains 15 sachets 
New packaging in zip bag 

灵芝片庄 (干) 

Ganoderma Slice (Dry) 

真空包装 (150g)

Vaccum-packed (150g) 

- 保护肝脏,减情肝损伤,能促進肝脏对药物、
- 毒物的代謝,对於中毒性肝炎有确切的疗效,
- 有效地扩张冠状动脉,增加冠脉血流量,
- 改善心肌微循环,增強心肌氧和能量的供給,
- 因此,對心肌缺血具有保护作用,可廣泛用於冠心病、心绞痛等的治疗和预防,
- 能促時血清、肝脏和骨髓的核酸及蛋白质的生物合成,因此可以有效地抗病防衰老。
- 可取代胰島素抑制脂肪酸的释出,可改善血糖、尿糖等症狀
- 能抑制亢進的免疫水平,保持机体自身的稳定。
- 实验证明:灵芝可阻断過敏反应介质的释放,防止過敏反应的发生。

Benefits of Ganoderma
- Ganoderma is an alkaline food
- improves blood flow and lowers oxygen consumption in the heart muscle
- significantly inhibit different types of allergic reaction, including asthma and dermatitis
- protects the liver from damage caused due to physical and biological factors
- eliminates the toxins accumulated in the body due to excess intake of medicines and junk food
- lowers proteinuria and cholesyerolemia, maintaining proper renal function

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What's in the box

A) Tongkat Ali Tea 东革阿里茶 : 1 bag - 15 sachets (内含15个茶包袋)

B) Ganoderma Slice (Dry) 灵芝片庄 (干) : Vaccum-packed (150g) 真空包装 (150g)